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In it's current form, app development is busted. As the world moves faster and faster, the 6-figure budgets and 6-month turn around times aren't going to cut it. We need to fix this. Quickly.

We've laying the groundwork for a completely new way of “programming”. In the future, custom apps of world-class quality will be built without the need for any technical or design skill what-so-ever. We need your help to make this a reality.

Get Your App Built. Free.

Here’s the deal–we’re going to help you build your app, for free. At the end of this, you’ll end up with an app with the quality of the YouTube or AirBnB app, without spending a dime. But you'll need to do some work too.

We need to test our ideas around how we’re getting people to think in a particular way, so that the AI can properly handle all the technical and design aspects. The process will force you to think about parts of your app that you may have not considered. If you plan on shipping an app, you’ll need to do this anyway. Going through this process is just going to make the flaws visible earlier.

How long will this take? It's hard to say, but at most it will be a few hours of your time here and there. You also shouldn't expect to have your working app in hand very soon. At best it could be by this fall (2018), but it's important that you’re not time constrained. Asking us “Are we there yet?” will not make the process go faster.

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Want to get dirty?

Read our technical whitepaper. Note that it assumes a basic knowledge of compiler internals and language design principles.

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