Magically turn ideas into apps.

Blank is radical new way of constructing apps. Just describe what you need your app to do. Your wishes are then magically translated into a real app with a spectacular UX. Powerful apps can be created in minutes by anyone.

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We're bringing the power of programming to the masses.

Imagine the problems that would be solved if everyone gained the skills of a world-class app developer overnight. Blank makes this possible through a new graphical programming paradigm that we call Insight Oriented Programming. It's easier to use than a spreadsheet, but it’s as powerful as traditional code.

Iterate at the speed of thought.

Blank technology will change the face of software. Month-long development processes can be shortened to minutes. When equipped with Blank, the tech piece moves as fast as the world around you.

World-class design. Without designers.

A unique way of gathering requirements allows the optimal navigational structure, animations, transitions, and color theme to be determined automatically. Blank's innovative aesthetic algorithms ensure that each and every app it generates is mathematically guaranteed to look fantastic.

Compose apps from a market of features.

Blank apps are made up entirely of modular features. A scrollable list of professional athletes. A button that orders a pizza from the nearest pizzeria. A general purpose commenting widget. You get the idea.

When your app goes live, these features are sent to the Blank network separately. This way, apps can be composed of the new features you've created, and also, any other features that have been made public on the Blank network. You can incorporate features from the network, customize them, and redistribute your customized version back to the network. Customizable smart contracts ensure that each app owner pays for the resources their app consumes.

Create user-modifiable apps.

Strange things are possible when everybody is more-or-less equipped with unlimited programming power. Blank apps are so easy to build and customize, even your end users can modify their copy of your app. They can add special features just for them. It's like open source on steriods.

Blank's underlying inter-app protocol ensures that when someone borrows or augments functionality in your app, their version of your app stays compatible with yours. It's win-win.


  • 2017 Q4: Complete Whitepaper & Technical Specification
  • 2018 Q1: Proof of Concept Complete
  • 2018 Q2: Funding Complete
  • 2018 Q2: Blank Community Launch
  • 2018 Q3: Launch App Generator
  • 2018 Q4: Launch Blank Space Network

Core Team

Kim Parnell

CEO / Chief Evangelist

Kim is a seasoned startup veteran with a successful exit under her belt.

Paul Go

CTO / Chief Architect

As the former co-founder of Skybound Research, Paul has a history in programming language design, IDE design, and the commercialization of experimental technology.

Attila Aros

Smart Contract Developer

Attila has founded numerous startups, and had a front-row seat at Canada's fastest growing telecom. He's also a contributor to the Bitcoin Cash project.

Ivan Lukianchuk

Front-End Team Lead

Ivan was the founder of the gaming startup, Will Pwn 4 Food, which was featured in the New York Times.

Andrew Young

Developer, Graphical Editor

As the other co-founder of Skybound Research, (along with Paul Go), Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge in low-level user interface engineering and IDE design.

Kris Chambers

Developer, App Generator

Kris is a mathematician + engineer, with an affinity for compiler design. He has a masters in category theory from the University of Ottawa.

Matthew Ho

Developer, App Generator

Matthew was one of the original co-founders of the Canadian educational software startup, Top Hat Monocle.

Support Team

Scott Herbert

Travis Cross

Scott Boudreaux

Want to get dirty?

Read our technical whitepaper. Note that it assumes a basic knowledge of compiler internals and language design principles.

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